The Beautiful Baby Shower

No matter how nice you intend to make it the baby shower is always one of those things that you can either do differently, or it can be done better. That doesn’t mean of course that they aren’t generally a hit. And a beautiful baby shower is something that everyone involved with it will remember.

A baby shower makes beautiful memories for those that plan it, not just the person who is going to be honored during the shower.

My Baby Shower Story

Before I continue I will share my story with you.

When I was presented with my shower I was surprised, caught off guard and a little nervous. My friends thought that they would surprise me, and they succeed.

First, I am not big on surprise parties. And my pregnancy was a hard one. At least that is how I perceived it them. In retrospect I would say that it is was average. But getting back to the story there I was. That morning I had fought with a terrible bought of morning sickness. So this further dampened my spirits.

When they actually jumped out and surprised me I was taken aback. But my reluctance didn’t still their party spirit. After about ten minutes I came around and in the end it turned out to be a wonderful afternoon with my closest of friends. That includes you sis. And I was glad that they had thought enough of me to host a baby shower in my honor.

At that time there weren’t a lot of different styles of shower, the variation is something that I see now all the time, but it is something that feels more like icing on the cake.

The purpose of the baby shower is more than the little extras that act as decorations. At its core it is about the people.

My Story Continues

Traditionally every woman/couple is given one baby shower. And that is all I ever had. It wasn’t like we needed it the second time, we were established by that point and had enough supplies collected to facilitate a new baby in the family. We also had a set of helping hands, albeit little ones, as our firstborn was very much attached to their new sibling.

No, my story continues in the form of helper and as a friend.

When I heard that one of the women in my circle of friends was having a baby I was so excited. Not because I would soon be helping out with the baby shower, but because she had tried so long to get pregnant. We had almost given up hope. But now it appeared like all of the treatments, therapy, and expense had finally been successful.

During the next week or two I had been thinking about how we could best celebrate with all of our friends. A baby shower was definitely on the list but I wondered if we should throw her some sort of other event, something to commemorate the occasion. This thought played through my head for another week or two, and then life overwhelmed me and I, as ashamed as I am to say it, forgot about it.

Toward the beginning of the third trimester I got word that one of our friends was going to be hosting a baby shower. This is when the thought popped back into my mind and I kicked myself for forgetting about the party I had wanted to plan.

I would have to do something else, make it up to her somehow, even though she knew nothing about what I had planned.

Little did I know that the chance to make it up to her would come sooner than I had thought.

I took out my cellphone and texted her, saying that if she needed any help she should just let me know.

A few minutes later my phone buzzed and I saw she had written me back.

Apparently the baby shower was more work than she had anticipated, and it would be great if I would help.

Turning Things Around

We had made plans to meet a couple of days later to go over what she had done and to see where I would fit in to the ranks of helper.

She has three small children, two very adorably active little boys and a newborn daughter, that were keeping her busy and I quickly realized that I would fit anywhere into the plans and that I would be needed everywhere.

I smiled to my self, the baby shower karma had come around to me, and now I was able to make up for my missed opportunity to plan a celebration to honor our mutual friend for her good fortune.

As we sat at her dinning room table I was quick to see that the ideas were big but the plans were next to non-existent. Which worked out fine in the end. It was as if we were working from a blank slate and that was what we needed.

To be honest I am not really sure when a baby shower should be held. I don’t put a lot of stock in those strict rules that say that you need to do this and this at specific times. If you happened to come here looking for baby shower etiquette you will do better looking on sites like or other such resources.

What I did know though was that the chance to get the plans put into place and the preparations made before our friend gave birth.

That meant that we needed to get moving, and that the baby shower would need to be simplified. That was easier said than done, since my acquaintance had put a lot of stock into different aspects. Or I could phrase it like this, she had hear hear set on a gender reveal baby shower.

Apparently she and the honoree had been planning on making the whole baby shower about the gender reveal. If you recall, in the beginning I stated that I thought that the whole theme idea for modern baby showers was more like icing than cake. And while I love icing as much as the next person I feel like you need the cake first.

No matter, it was to be a gender reveal baby shower. I couldn’t talk her out of it either. But I was successful in reducing the amount of preparations for the gender reveal so that we could actually focus on getting the baby shower organized.

The idea behind a gender reveal baby shower is that the crowning moment is when the baby’s gender is revealed. Boy? Girl? It really was a gender reveal on our part because nobody knew. The guest of honor was going to keep it to herself until the shower so it did have the desired effect.

We were all excited to hear if a little boy or a little girl would be entering our group.

In the ended I was glad that we went with the whole gender reveal aspect of the baby shower. But until we actually welcomed the last guest in the door it was a little hectic.

Getting the Gender Reveal Invitations Out the Door

Speaking of guests in the door, we needed to get the invitations out the door. As the deadline crept closer we knew that we couldn’t wait much longer to send out invitations for the shower. If we would, the date would be there before all of the guests had a chance to RSVP.

After a little looking we found few options that suited our plans. Since we were holding a unique baby shower we needed the right themed invites, and we found them. Thankfully, for us, we found our inspiration for the gender reveal in the form of invitations we found which had the right look for the baby shower. So we were both happy and revealed at the same time.

I dropped the cards off at the post office personally the day after they had arrived in the mail.

It was a long session of addressing envelopes, but I was glad that I took initiative and did it immediately. Had we waited until the weekend I fear it would have been too late. As it stood the last guest RSVP’d the day before the baby shower. I guess that is to be expected. Had we had the invitations for the gender reveal sooner we might have had a quicker response. But I sort of assume that you will always have people waiting until the last minute no matter when you mail your invitations.

The invitations were one of the last things we did, for the actually gender reveal shower we didn’t have to do that much extra. My co-hostess had picked up some cute little paper decorations, pink and blue bibs, and other sundry that we used to decorate her living room the morning of the baby shower.

The Day Had Come

I am not certain if we did a good job planning the baby shower, I am not certain that you would find the decorations for the gender reveal up to your standards, but what I am certain of is that the shower was a success.

We had to wing it on a number of different levels, and the various plans that we made had to be either downsized or skipped. We had been better served had we started to plan earlier, planned smaller, and then stuck to the plan. But planning a baby shower is an art form if ever there was one.

Did it impact the baby shower? No. The gender reveal was a major success and its special meaning was something that made a big impact with everyone that was involved. And it led to a big change in the honoree’s life. She was now, after years of trying, officially a mother.

And if you are wondering…

…it’s a boy.