On Gender Reveal

The other day I was thinking about all of the many different aspects of having a baby. What it means for new mothers as well as the various surprises that it exposes us to.

For most of us learning the sex of our unborn child is all part of the process. We are excited to share this with our friends. And we make preparations based on this. But everything changes when we don’t have anything to go on.

A gender reveal is something that has become a popular topic for baby showers. And I have to admit it makes for a fun baby shower. But it also presents a couple of problems.

When you get invited to a baby shower you know the baby’s gender as soon as you open the envelope and pull out the invitation.

Most invitations will tell you a lot about the baby’s gender. But what about those that want to save it for the baby shower? This comes with the complications that the gifts will be restricted to the necessities, which I would agree isn’t bad. Having enough of the basic; Pampers, bottles, lotions, and wipes on hand is important in the first few weeks. But for those that want to do something for the baby this can be a challenge.

I have also heard some people complain about the gender reveal baby showers. It was once a topic around the office water cooler, and I overheard two women complaining about them once over lunch.

They felt as if they were left out of the loop, in the dark, and somehow crossed all because they didn’t already know the baby’s gender.

For people like that there is no pleasing them.

But it is something to take note of when you consider a gender reveal instead of another form of baby shower.

From my perspective there should be nothing wrong with them, if anything they give the guests something extra to look forward to. But some people are impatient and when you make them wait until the baby shower to learn your child’s gender they can get picky.

The gender reveal is something that doesn’t work for everyone but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a viable option for most of us.

If you are thinking about this type of celebration to commemorate the occasion you can read all about planning a gender reveal shower.

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