Your Parent’s Scion

We all descend from two parents, who in turn have descended from two parents, and well you get the idea. If we were to look ten generations back we would be facing a crowd that is quite large. To be exact that crowd would be comprised of 1024 ancestors. Here is the math so that you can see that I am not making this up: 2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2 = 1024 (Roughly the number of generations back to when Christopher Columbus discovered the New World)

Each one of them is directly related to you, but it is your parents that shape you.

Of course in most cases your grandparents and other relatives help, but in essences you only see the tip of this vary large iceberg.

What can you take away from your parents? They are your primary caregivers in early life, a strong support in childhood and adolescence, and in adulthood they are often the last ones there when the going gets tough. Your parents are the ones that you may count on the most even if you don’t think you count on them at all.

I’m not certain we thank them nearly enough. So this post goes out to not just the moms of the world but the dads as well.

And you thought that this was going to be about your Scion.

PS. For a fun read about the process of tracing the world’s family tree the BBC wrote a fascinating article a while ago: read the article

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